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Denim on Denim: Mastering the Double Denim Look

Styling your wardrobe can be an intimidating feat, but you don’t have to be a fashionista to rock a look. With “Double Denim,” you can create a look that’s timeless yet edgy. Denim on denim always catches eyes, but mastering the look can be difficult. Don’t worry, we’ve got the steps to help you mix and match denim pieces that can make you look effortlessly stylish!
Denim on Denim: Mastering the Double Denim Look

1. Making a Statement with Double Denim

is a fun and casual style choice for weekend wear. The key to pulling off this trend is all in the details. Follow these tips to embrace the double denim and make a statement wherever you go:

  • Mix up the denim washes. Look for a light wash and a darker wash and pair them together.
  • Save the baggy jeans for another time. Skinny or slim fits are the best choice for the upper and lower pieces.
  • Go two-tone. Put your imagination to work and create a multi-block style with two different shades of grey, medium and dark blue, or light and dark indigo denim.
  • Choose the right accessories. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and allow the denim to shine. Stick with one statement piece such as a necklace or bag.

An oversized denim jacket with a tucked in white T-shirt and mid-rise jeans is an iconic look. Put your own spin on things by wearing a cropped jacket over a slouchy vest. For a styled look, tuck the vest into your jeans and cinch your waist to enhance the look. The denim shirt-dress is a classic for all seasons. Make sure you select one with a slightly boxy cut and choose a pair of classic blue stonewash jeans to make a strong style statement.

For a daring double denim look, mix it up with colour. Bright colours look great when pulled into the look. Choose one bright denims and mix with regularly washed denim for an eye-catching look. For a modern touch, pair an indigo blazer with a tattered jean shorts.

2. A fashion-forward Look for Any Occasion

Fashion is a fundamental part of your personality. You make an impression every time you go out into the world. Whether you’re attending a party or a formal gathering, you should always showcase style and fashion. Here are a few tips.

  • The Little Black Dress. The ultimate must-have, and a classic look that is always appropriate. Slip into a sleek black dress, or switch it up with a roped waist or an open back.
  • An Eye-catching Blazer. Cool and crisp, but always a show-stopper. The perfect choice for a semi-formal event. Choose bright colours and bold patterns to make an unforgettable impression.
  • Fabrics for Every Occasion. From silky material to textured linen, there is a plethora of options available for any style. Choose a combination to suit the event such as a gamourous velvet top over flowing chiffon trousers.

Add statement accessories to pull together your look. Jewellery, a belt, and bags. A pair of bright coloured shoes would be the ideal choice to lend a little drama to your outfit.

Shine like a diamond with an effortless, elegant and confident style. Let your fashion be an expression of who you are – timeless, glamorous and flawless.

3. Denim on Denim: The Dos and Don’ts

Ah denim on denim, the trend that was surprisingly controversial for a long time, much like other ’90s trends. This classic, iconic look never goes out of style, yet remains polarizing. While some are too scared to take the plunge, once you get the basics down of how to wear denim on denim, you’ll be able to pull off the look flawlessly.

Here’s how you can do denim on denim without looking like a double denim disaster:

  • Choose two different shades of denim, such as light blue and dark blue, for a contrast in tone that screams stylish.
  • Select items with different wash finishes: for example, you could pair a washed-out denim shirt with a dark blue pair of jeans.
  • Try a more creative approach with matching accessories such as a hat, bag, or even shoes to complement the look.
  • Diminish the denim vibes with some neutral layers, such as a black leather jacket or beige trench coat.

However, there are some definite don’ts to the denim on denim trend that you should keep in mind.

  • Avoid going for an all-over denim look with the same top and bottom.
  • When it comes to pairing denim colors, don’t go too matchy-matchy with a pair of the same denim wash. We’ve already discussed how you can achieve a higher level of contrast for the look.
  • When it comes to textures, stay away from pairing any stretchy materials with rigid ones. Stick to classic denim for a timeless look.

Now that you’ve mastered how to make denim on denim look chic, you can have fun with the trend and experiment with different finishes, colors, and patterns. Go wild and create your favorite double denim combos!

4. Nailing the Double Denim Look with Confidence

Fashion trends come and go, but the double denim look will forever remain a classic. It stands out from the sea of monochrome shirts and trousers, and is best paired with a dose of confidence. Whether you’re heading off to brunch or the beach, here are some tips to own the double denim trend with swagger:

  • Go Light and Bright: Reach for light washes and colours when it comes to double denim. Opt for paler blues and wash out with white so there is a distinction between top and bottom. To add a twist, try a double denim look in different shades, like a white shirt and baby blue jeans.
  • Layer it Up: Supplement your double denim with a light jacket or crochet top to add texture and dimension. Keeping colours neutral and light in tone so that they don’t overpower the centrepiece – the double denim.
  • Accessorise: Add some bling to your double denim with a metal-studded belt, wooden bangles, platform sneakers or a statement bag. Accessories lighten up the rigid denim and add personality to your look.

When you’re feeling daring, switch up the classic denim combination with a denim skirt and shirt combo, or try a pre-distressed denim blazer with white jeans instead. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your looks by adding patterns or coloured denim – just keep the same laundry hue in mind.

Finally, and most importantly, have confidence. The double denim look may seem odd at first, but the only way to rock it is to own it. Try on different denim combos and experiment with different looks until you find your style.

Denim on denim can make an eye-catching statement, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re hoping to make a bold statement or want to find a timeless, effortless look, opt for the iconic denim double. With the right combination of shades, cuts, and washes, double denim is all about staying comfortable while making an impact. Experiment and have fun with your denim and create a look that’s unmistakably yours.

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