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Classic Tailoring Trends to Try This Season

Are you ready to step out in style this season? Classic tailoring is back in a big way and there are some amazing trends you should try- from chic blazers to tailored trousers you’ll be looking sharp in no time! Read on to discover the top classic tailoring trends that you should consider this season.
Classic Tailoring Trends to Try This Season

1. Reintroducing Timeless Tailoring

With the crossover of tailoring and streetwear in recent years, it is no wonder why the menswear community is gravitating toward classic suiting silhouettes. Men of all styles have seen the value in timeless tailoring. As a result, we have seen an influx of tailored blazers, dress pants, and collared shirts everywhere from the boardroom to brunch.

The Benefits of Timeless Tailoring:

  • Fashionable Yet Versatile.
  • Flexible Styling Options
  • Flattering on All Body Types

It’s no surprise that tailored pieces have become a staple in many men’s wardrobes. With a mix of comfort and sophistication, the timeless suit can easily take you from the boardroom to the barroom. It can also be tailored to fit each individual’s personal style. Whether men choose to dress it up with an undershirt and dress shoes, or opt for a more casual look with a vintage tee and sneakers, functional and stylish suiting elevates any outfit.

Tailored clothing is also dual-purpose. From the office to weekend events, a versatile tailored look works just about everywhere. The trick is to keep it subtle and fluid. You can even dress up or dress down the timeless suiting look with accessible accessories to make sure you have just the right outfit for every occasion.

Lastly, tailoring is incredibly flattering on any body type; hiding bulges here and emphasizing assets there. There’s a tailored solution for any demographic, from a double-breasted button-down or a roomy regular fit pant. Men of all shapes and sizes can benefit from its power.

These hybrid designs make suiting more accessible and desirable by transforming the look from basic to modern. By incorporating traditional tailoring into streets style, men’s fashion has reached a new era. Everyone can successfully capture the classic sense of style, no matter who you are or where you’re from.

2. Breathing New Life Into Vintage Styling

Modernizing Classic Pieces

Vintage styling offers a unique charm that is distinct from modern trends. To put a modern twist on an old style, start by choosing key timeless pieces and adding modern touches. A classic tweed blazer can be paired with high-waisted jeans and a bright piece of jewelry for a modern look. Classic denim can be reinvented with statement buttons and patches. Element of surprise can be injected into vintage styling by layering and playing around with textures.

  • Try different color palettes
  • Mix vintage items with modern items
  • Experiment with cuts and shapes

The options are truly limitless when it comes to modernizing vintage. To stay true to the vintage vibe, opt for high-quality materials and solid colors. Accessories are also essential to breathe new life into classic items. Try a fur hat or long earrings with slouchy sweaters for a bohemian look. Unique scarves, bags, and gloves can also give classic looks an extra spark.

Don’t be afraid to try something bold. Statement boots can instantly add modern flair to vintage looks. For a truly retro touch, mix and match textures such as tweed or velvet. Finish any look with bold makeup, and you’ll be ready to show off your modern vintage style.

3. Luxurious Fabrics and Tailoring Techniques

Most of us know that for a sophisticated look, one must choose quality and luxurious fabrics. Whether it be a luxurious wool suiting fabric for a suit or a fine, 100% cashmere fabric for a winter coat, investing in quality fabric makes a huge difference in the overall look of the garment.

Gone are the days where the only luxurious fabric available was wool or silk or cashmere. Nowadays, designers have at their disposal a wide array of fabrics and textures to choose from. From lightweight, yet luxurious, fabrics such as silk crepe de chine or chiffon, to heavy-duty, longer-lasting fabrics like wool tweed or flannel, the opportunities are endless for creating an amazing residential look.

In addition to the fabric, it is also important to consider the tailoring techniques used to create the garment. For example, does the fabric drape well, or will it require special pressing? Is the fabric fragile or is it suited for dry-cleaning? All of these questions must be considered when selecting fabrics for tailoring a garment.

The good news is that there are countless elegant and luxurious fabrics available to choose from, and with the right kind of tailoring, you are sure to achieve the look you desire. Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern look or a timeless and traditional style, there are plenty of fabrics and tailoring techniques to choose from that will help you to achieve the perfect look!

4. Investing in an Iconic Look

In 2020, is easier and more affordable than ever before. From the touch of a button, we can access the world’s fashion and find the best iconic looks from top brands or up-and-coming designers. The array of choices may seem intimidating, but with a few clever tips, you can find an iconic look in no time flat!

Choose a Classic
Choosing a classic look is a great way to ensure your outfit will always be on-trend. Classic clothes never go out of style and you can transform these items with the addition of jewellery, belts, scarves and other accessories. Look for timeless pieces that will always look great and never go out of fashion.

Try Something New
If you are an adventurous dresser, why not try out something new? You could be wearing the newest trend before it hits the mainstream! Give yourself permission to take risks and take the plunge – if it doesn’t work out, you can always go back to the classics.

Mix & Match
Mix and match different classic and new pieces to get an iconic look that no one else has seen before. Balance the look by mixing an old-fashioned item with a modern one, for instance pairing a vintage blouse with a modern pair of jeans. This way you can show off your own unique style – without breaking the bank!

Accessorizing is an easy way to make an outfit stand out from the crowd. A great pair of earrings, a striking necklace, or some statement shoes can really make your look pop. Accessories also give you the chance to express your own individual style.

Shop Smart
Shopping smart is key to getting the iconic look you want on a budget. Look for items in the sales section, use coupons, or shop on app that will give you discounts on your purchase. Also, if you are not sure how well a particular item is going to work with your wardrobe, look for second-hand items or rent them for a fraction of the cost.

This season, classic tailoring is back and better than ever. From vintage-style checks to boxy blazers, there is a timeless tailored trend for everyone—whether you’re daring or conservative in nature. So don your sharpest outfit and show off your fashion-forward finesse with these classic tailoring trends!

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