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Denim Trends: What’s New in the World of Jeans

Once seen as the preeminent choice for carefree casual wear, denim has come a long way, becoming increasingly enmeshed in the world of fashion. As new trends in this classic material continue to ripple through the world of jeans, denim enthusiasts can stay on the cutting edge of denim chic. In this article, we will explore the latest denim trends, giving you the scoop on what’s new in the world of jeans.
Denim Trends: What's New in the World of Jeans

1. Exploring the Bold World of Denim

Denim has endured as a fashion staple for centuries and is as popular as ever. It’s bold, comfortable and looks great on virtually everyone. Whether you’re looking for something to accentuate your style, or just something comfortable to run errands in, there is no shortage of denim possibilities.

There are a variety of different styles of denim out there to choose from, from classic to contemporary. Traditional jeans come in relaxed fit, skinny cut, cropped and flare styles. Jeans are also available in a variety of lengths, hemmed to fit you perfectly. If you want something different, try a jean jacket, denim shorts or even a denim skirt.

Colors of Denim: You can find denim in all the classic colors you love – from classic blue to colors like white, black, grey and dark washes. But these days, anything goes when it comes to color. Choose from bold, impractical colors like hot pink and orange for a fun, daring look, or go for something more subtle like olive green for a stylish, timeless look.

Adding Fabric: When you want to add a little something extra to your look, try combining your denim with other fabrics. Try adding lightweight cotton or chambray shirts as layering pieces or wearing a denim shirt with twill pants for a sleek, casual look. You can also experiment with making unique mixtures like denim with silk or denim with sleeveless blazer.

Accessorizing your Denim: Don’t forget to accessorize your denim looks. Bandanas, scarves, bags, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses are all great pieces to add to your denim looks. The key is to find pieces that work with the shapes of your garments and don’t overpower them. Try to keep an overall casual feel instead of a glamourous one, and use accessories to pull the look together.

2. Denim Styles for Every Occasion

Denim has become a wardrobe staple for everyone – from everyday folks to fashion-forward celebrities. With so many styles, cuts, and fits to choose from, it can be daunting to find a pair that best suits you and your lifestyle. To make choosing easier, here are some of the timeless denim styles that never go out of fashion and are the perfect choice for any occasion.

Classic Jeans – This one is a timeless classic that has been around for generations. It is an essential element in your wardrobe as it is the most versatile piece of denim. It pairs seamlessly with everything from tees to blazers to shoes. Plus, there are endless styles of jeans that are easy to customize, from cropped or flared leg to distressed or patched, there’s something for everyone.

Colored Jeans – If you’re looking for a unique style, colored jeans are the way to go. From light and dark washed denim, to pastels and brights, you can add a splash of color to your style. It’s surprisingly versatile and can be paired with anything from neutrals to other bright shades.

Casual Overalls – For a fun and casual look, overalls are the way to go. Opt for a dungaree style, or a skinny-fit overall for a slimming look. Denim overalls offer plenty of functional pockets and can be layered over an oversized top or off the shoulder sweater for an effortless and stylish look.

Fashionable Jumpsuits – If you want to wear denim with a slightly more chic and fashionable edge, opt for a jumpsuit. Plus size jumpsuits in blue denim are growing in popularity and make for the perfect statement piece. With plenty of fashionable options from an all-over monochrome look to bold print and wide-leg fits, you can create an instant outfit with this one-piece jumper.

No matter what occasion or style you’re going for, there’s a denim look that is perfect for you in any situation. These timeless styles are sure to keep you looking chic and stylish all season long.

3. Distressed Denim Makes a Comeback

Denim has been a wardrobe necessity for decades, but it’s been recently making a fashionable comeback in the form of distressed denim. Punctuated by holes, rips, and tattered patches, distressed denim creates an easy, effortless style that adds a unique edge to any simple outfit.

1. Why It’s Sanctioned by the Fashion Elite

The runways are proof that distressed denim has the official stamp of approval from the fashion elite. Designers like Balmain, Off-White, and Alexander McQueen have all recently showcased their own takes on distressed denim. Not only does this trend give you a way to make your existing wardrobe feel new and fresh, but it’s also an avenue to express yourself and your personal style.

2. How to Style It Like a True Pro

Distressed denim can be incorporated into your wardrobe in a variety of ways. Pair it with a simple white tee or a printed blouse and you have a polished, effortless look. To add a bit of edge to an evening dress, throw on a draped denim jacket over your shoulders.

No matter how you decide to make this trend work for you, opt for a pair of high-quality distressed jeans as they will last longer and the ripped edges will remain intact. Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind when choosing one:

  • Opt for jeans that have rips in strategic positions and are unique to your body shape
  • Choose a heavier denim material as the holes won’t be as likely to rip or tear in the future
  • Mix and match different types of distressed denim to create a more modern look
  • Go for lighter denim colors like white, light blue, and faded black

3. Intriguing Ways to Make It Your Own

The beauty of distressed denim is that it can be tailored to your own personal style. If you want to add a bohemian, ’70s inspired look, tie a polka-dotted scarf around the waist of a pair of high-waisted, ripped jeans. To complete the look, put on a fringe, denim top and a pair of beaded, t-strap sandals.

If you’re looking to add a luxe touch to your distressed denim, try pairing a distressed denim skirt with an embellished, long-sleeved top or a silk blouse. Add a pair of thigh-high boots and a fur coat and you will have an outfit that mingles high-end luxe with a street-style edge.

4. The Latest in Jeans Fashions: Comfort and Versatility

A comfortable fit and design that can be worn with a variety of looks— these are some of the main features you’ll find when shopping for the latest in jeans fashions. No longer just for everyday casual wear, jeans can be upgraded with the perfect accessories for a night out, look dressy enough for work or school, or add an element of fun to your unique style.

  • Slim jeans—the look of the moment—provide a snug, tailored look that almost any top can be paired with.
  • Bootcut jeans are timelessly stylish and can be brought into every season with the right footwear.
  • Boyfriend jeans offer comfort and ease with a relaxed, slouchy silhouette.
  • Wide leg jeans provide volume and extra comfort with a bolder statement.

Whatever style of jeans fit your wardrobe, adding items like vests, bright coloured shoes and statement jewellery can make your jeans look modern and edgy. For ladies, the cinched waist trend in jeans provides an ultra-flattering look, while men can choose from an array of colours and finishes to personalise their jeans.

Embellished jeans are on-trend this season. Intricate touches like beading, studs, and patches can upgrade a casual outfit. With plenty of styles to choose from, you’ll surely find something that perfectly expresses your character and fashion sense.

Jeans have been an iconic part of fashion for years. With so much versatility in style, fit, and color, it’s no surprise that our favourite denim continues to remain timelessly chic and in trend.

As the denim trend edges closer towards new and inventive designs, never forget the trusty classics that, to this day, still remain timeless. After all, in the grand scheme of fashion, denim never goes out of style.

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