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Streetwear Influencers to Follow for Style Inspiration

If fashion is a form of art, then streetwear is its latest muse. Streetwear has quickly become the go-to look for many young fashionistas, making it easy to find inspiration from some of the biggest influencers out there. From daring trends to classic pieces, we’ve rounded up the best streetwear influencers to follow for all your fashion needs. Get ready to be inspired!
Streetwear Influencers to Follow for Style Inspiration

1. Street Style Icons Who Set the Trend

While fashion trends tend to turn over quickly, there are some streetstyle icons who have set and maintained the tone for years. Here are some of the most influential trendsetters taking over the sidewalk.

Kanye West is a staple in the couture sphere, often spotted on the street in high-end designer labels, like Balmain. He’s paved the way for designers to think outside the box and take risks with their clothing lines. Plus, his sneakers have ushered in a whole new breed of statement streetwear for everyday fashionistas.

Ezra Miller is a relentless trendsetter, mixing bold colours and unique patterns in interesting combinations that often spark conversations about fashion. His ability to mix standard trends with new and one-of-a-kind items energizes the look of many street-style wearers.

Jaden Smith sets the tone for many kids and teens who take their streetwear a bit more seriously. The young actor, entrepreneur, and fashion trailblazer has challenged traditional fashion norms with his wardrobe choices, opting for wide and slim-cut pants alike, combined with genderless silhouettes and vibrant colors.

  • Kendall Jenner: The supermodel is always styled in the latest trends, making sure she always looks fabulous on the street.
  • Jahkoy Palmer: This Canadian-born musician takes fashion-forward style to the next level with daring colors, prints, and shapes.
  • Rumi Neely: This creative and stylish blogger is often seen on the streets of Los Angeles in chic outfits, mixing modern minimalism with classic silhouettes.

2. Pioneers of the Streetwear Scene

The streetwear scene of the 70s and 80s can be credited to the few early adopters of the movement. These brave few blazed the trail for the stylish, comfortable, and often oversized clothing we know and love today.

  • Karl Kani: Karl Kani has been credited with establishing the first streetwear company in 1989, Karl Kani Infinity, which quickly became a staple in the streetwear world. Kani was inducted into the ARISE Magazine ICONS Hall of Fame in 2020 for his role in redefining fashion.
  • Tristan Wilds: Tristan Wilds is considered a godfather of the urban street fashion movement in Japan. His identifiable swagger mixed with a unique style of clothing and accessories has impacted countless fashion aficionados worldwide.
  • Virgil Abloh: Virgil Abloh is the creative designer for Louis Vuitton, founder of the luxury streetwear label Off-White, and the force behind the popular ‘Ivy Park’ line. Abloh’s ability to combine the lines between high-end fashion and streetwear has made him an industry icon.

These streetwear pioneers have firmly planted the flag in the fashion world. They have blazed the path and offered the opportunity for so many inspiring designers and creators that continue to innovate in the streetwear industry. Although not always noticed or credited for their contributions, their influence can be seen today on every street corner, in the sartorial choices of the most stylish, and within the designs of emerging fashion brands.

From the early days of Karl Kani, to the contemporary styles of Virgil Abloh, streetwear has become more than a trend – it is a way of life, defined by audacious risk takers who pushed the boundaries and embraced creativity and self-expression. The will continue to be celebrated for their contributions to fashion, and we are grateful for their pioneering spirit.

3. Top Streetwear Influencers To Follow Now

If you are looking for a way to stay on top of the trends in streetwear and urban fashion, following influential figures in the industry can be a great way to stay informed. Here are three of the top streetwear influencers to follow right now:

    Kodak Lens

  • The official Instagram account of Kodak Lens is a great source of streetwear fashion inspiration. Featuring high-quality photos of everyday fashion, streetwear, and of course their own unique collections, Kodak Lens is leading the way in streetwear fashion.
  • Josh Kalis

  • The professional skateboarder turned streetwear designer is a highly influential Instagram personality in the urban fashion world. With an ever-changing array of fresh outfits, Josh Kalis’ Instagram feed provides plenty of streetwear inspiration.
  • Travis Scott

  • Travis Scott is one of the most successful musicians in the world, but also a major influence in streetwear culture. From his own fashion line, to collaborations with Nike and Adidas, his Instagram page is a great source of streetwear inspiration.

In addition to these three influencers, it is important to remember to look at what is happening in the streets. Following fashion shows, looking at street-style blogs, and keeping up with the latest trends on social media is an important way to stay on top of what is happening in the streetwear and urban fashion scene.

4. Get Creative and Copy These Epic Looks

When it comes to staying ahead of the trends and looking your best, creativity is key. With the right outfit combinations, you can easily stay fashionable and confidently strut your stuff. To give you some style inspiration, here are 4 epic looks you can copy right away!

  • Grunge Meets Chic: Pair your favorite ripped jeans with a tailored blazer and a cool pair of ankle boots for a look that can easily take you from day to night. Add a bright scarf for a pop of color!
  • Work From Home: Work from home in style with an oversized sweater, a silk skirt, and chic, pointy-toed flats. Complete the look with some soft waves and subtle gold jewelry.
  • Vibe On The Weekend: Take your weekend wardrobe to the next level with high-waisted denim shorts, a strappy tank top, and eye-catching wedges. Top off the look with a jaunty hat and a raffia purse.
  • Dress Up Time: When it’s time to dress up, no look is more classic than a little black dress. Put your own spin on the timeless look by pairing it with bold statement jewelry and a pair of color-pop heels.

No matter what look you decide to copy, let your personality shine through! Have fun with layering, adding accessories, and mixing textures, and you’ll look and feel amazing.

Go ahead and to update your wardrobe and keep your style game strong!

If you’re looking for some major style inspiration with a fresh and edgy interpretation, following the streetwear influencers above is a great place to start. With their unique approach to fashion, you can make sure you stay ahead of the trend and inject some new life into your wardrobe. Take the chance to keep up with the latest styles and develop your personal aesthetic with the help of these inspiring streetwear influencers.

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